We Help Health & Wellness Brands Acquire Customers Profitably With TikTok Ads.

We use a proprietary media buying system and creative optimization process to scale your account predictably. 

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Our Ads Drive Sales.




Case Study No. 8 Gummies

Reduced CPA by 81%

When No. 8 came to us, they were working with an agency that was acquiring customers for $530. In 60 days we reduced that CPA to $57.50. That's a reduction of over 80%. 

Increased ROAS by 8X

When we started working with No. 8, their ads were barely profitable. After slashing their CPA by 81%, their ROAS also increased by 8X, allowing them to acquire customers profitably. 

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Case Study Beauty Boss

7 Figures In 6 Months

We launched Beauty Boss's course funnel in 2021 from scratch, and took it to 7 figures in sales in under 6 months. The secret? Elite direct-response copywriting from our world-class marketing team and a structure creative testing process.

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Our 3-Phase Methodology

Corporate Vision's

Most Innovative Specialist Advertising Agency, 2022

We're very proud to announce that Corporate Vision has awarded us most innovative specialist advertising agency, 2022. This award is a credit to our amazing team of talented staff at Hyperscale, who are committed to helping our clients scale their ads and grow their businesses.





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Case Studies


Produce Native Direct Response Ads

Isolate & Optimize Winning Variables

Scale Profitably Without Instability

Most agencies make ads that look nice to impress their clients, but they don't know how to sell. We make ads that do both. Our ads look like a million bucks, but they could actually make you a million bucks too.

When most agencies run a winning ad It's like leaving your car at the tip when it breaks down. We take winning ads and run hundreds of tests with them, extending the lifespand and stabilizing your account. 

Once your account is profitable and stable, that's when the fun starts. We'll begin scaling your account to $5,000, $10,000 even $20,000 a day in spend, generating eyewatering returns and insane profits.

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